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If others can learn to thrive in Life and Love, so can you!

I am passionate about helping Christian couples and single adults discover ways to apply their biblical values and the findings of scientific research to everyday life. Yes, I love helping the boy win back his girl. But mostly ... I love helping the girl get what she wants. Which isn't nearly as complicated as she often believes it to be. 

The Insight of Psychology | The Wisdom of Scripture | The Tenderness of Grace

A Quick Start Guide to Understanding Men

This is a 1-page cheat sheet to help women make sense of men ... what guys think, how they feel, and why they do what they do.

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A Quick Start Guide to Understanding Women

This is a 1-page cheat sheet to help men decode women ... and to help women better understand themselves. 

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Where Each Woman's Faith & Story Are Taken Seriously

Creating a safe space where every woman can learn healthy ways to get what she wants, make sense of the men in her life, and follow her dreams. 

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